Учебник : О. В. Афанасьева, И. В. Михеева. Английский язык. IX класс: учебник для школ с углублённым изучением английского языка, лицеев и гимназий. 2-е издание. М., Просвещение, 2007 г


Учебник: О.В.Афанасьева, И.В.Михеева. Английский язык. IX класс: учебник для школ с углублённым изучением английского языка, лицеев и гимназий. 2-е издание. М., Просвещение, 2007 г.


В девятом классе происходит дальнейшее формирование и совершенствование иноязычной компетенции в совокупности всех её составляющих.

  1. Грамматика

  1. Лексика

  1. Тематика для устной речи

Историко-культурное наследие России и стран изучаемого языка.

В течение года необходимо выполнить две контрольные лексико-грамматические работы, подготовить 5-7 минутные выступления по 10 темам. Список тем смотри выше. Необходимо сдать 5 тем в первом полугодии и 5 тем во втором.

Лексико- грамматический тест за 1 полугодие

  1. Underline the correct form from the options given in italics

  1. I am looking/look for a new job at the moment.

  2. Before I left home I hadn’t been/haven’t been getting on very well with my parents.

  3. I would die/will die if that happened to me

  4. A: I phoned to you last night at about nine.

B: I am sorry, I was cooking/cooked, so I wasn’t answering/didn’t answer.

  1. I wish I hadn’t done/didn’t do that! It was really stupid of me.

  2. The restaurant was redecorated/was being redecorated, so we had to find somewhere else to eat.

  3. The car won’t start. The battery must be/must have been dead.

  4. If it rains/will rain, the party will be held indoors.

  5. The wind must have been/must be very strong to blow down so many trees.

  6. In the next five years everyone will be using/will have used the Internet.

10 points

  1. Fill in the gaps with the verbs in the correct form

  1. I sometimes wish I ______ my grandmother on my mum’s side (to know).

  2. When I ______ home last night I bumped into an old friend of mine (to walk).

  3. If you ______ to the gym more regularly, you would be able to start getting fit (to go).

  4. By the end of the next year, Dr Singh _____ on the project non-stop for 15 years (to work).

  5. If she _____ five minutes earlier, she would have caught the burglar (to return).

  6. The court ______ this particular evidence in private now (to hear).

  7. The policeman read the suspect his rights after he _____ him (to arrest).

  8. Nowadays a great deal of research _____ into the possible causes of cancer (to do).

  9. The door was open. It couldn’t _____ (to open). I had locked it myself.

  10. I _____ to help him if I had realized that he was ill (to offer).

  11. She always has her car _____ by the same mechanic (to fix).

  12. I let him _____ early as he wanted to meet his wife (to go).

  13. The delegation is reported _____ in Moscow yesterday (to arrive).

  14. I know my hair _____ beautiful, everybody says so.

  15. I suggest that we_____ this play (to stage).

15 points

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the words given. Don’t change the word given. You must use between two or five words including the word given

  1. We haven’t received Mrs. Graig’s application form yet.


Mrs. Graig _________________ in her application form yet.

  1. Everybody says that Florence is a very beautiful city.


Florence ______________ a very beautiful city.

  1. It is not true that Frank is living in America. I saw him in the city center yesterday.


I saw Frank in the city center yesterday, so he __________________in America.

  1. Steve regrets not having learnt to swim as a child.


Steve _________________ to swim as a child.

  1. My parents never allowed me to watch late-night television.


My parents didn’t __________________ late-night television.

  1. Paul has been to the hairdresser’s for a haircut.


Paul _______________________ at the hairdresser’s.

  1. At this very moment foreign journalists are interviewing the president.


At this very moment the president ________________ by foreign journalists.

  1. Peter will see Grace next week and will give her the invitation.


Peter will give Grace the invitation __________________ next week.

  1. Who do you think will win the match?


Martin asked Tony ________________ the match.

  1. I think it would be a good idea to get rid of some of that old furniture.


  1. I _____________________ rid of some of that old furniture.

  2. It would be nice to be able to fly by a plane.


I wish _____________ by a plane.

  1. We put up a notice about the trip on the notice board yesterday.


A notice about the trip __________________ on the notice board yesterday.

13 points

  1. ^ Word formation

Music in Schools

Primary schools in London are trying out an (0) ambitious plan


through which young children get an (1)_________serious music.


This idea comes from a group of famous (2) ____________who are


concerned about the (3)___________of certain types of classical


music. They see the plan as one possible (4) ____________ to the


problem of declining audiences at classical concerts.

Their (5)____________ is that an interest in classical music should be


developed in early (6)____________. They reject the idea that children


are (7)____________ in serious music or necessarily find it boring. The


goes into a school and gives a live (8) ___________of a short


classical piece and then this is followed by an (9)___________ of how


the instruments work. These sessions have proved so (10)___________


that they have now become a regular feature in some schools

10 points

  1. Fill in the gaps with the following prepositions: on, for, at, to, of, in, with, under, across

  1. Is it an exception ______ the rule again?

  2. The students of the group are very keen ______ different kinds of sport.

  3. Are you capable _____ doing any useful work?

  4. Having returned from the picnic they were _____ good spirits.

  5. At first the policemen were suspicious _______ with everybody.

  6. Have you ever come ________ this book?

  7. It was very nice _______ you to invite us all.

  8. I am surprised _______ you. How can you say such cruel things?

  9. At last he succeeded _______ writing reports.

  10. For that young couple it was love ______ first sight.

  11. I don’t agree _____ you on many questions.

  12. He has always been very good _____ maths.

  13. He was _______ impression of the film for a long time.

  14. He is so absent-minded today. He can’t concentrate _____ his lessons.

  15. He is not punctual. He is always late _______ all sorts of meetings and gatherings.

15 points

Total: 63 points

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